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The journey of this blog

I have always loved to read and write although I don't consider myself a writer nor claiming any closer to be a writer.

Since I remember I have always read outside the school curriculum (this was a bit weird where I grew up). When I was about 16 years old I wrote a book called "fire hut" which basically myself and other me living in a house which has 7 floors, three underground and four above ground and this house shape is like a triangle rather than the typical house which normally square or rectangle. I haven't finished this book, I shall do it one day.

In 2006 when I had my own laptop, I used to blog more often about everythings, especially technology. I changed blog domain a few times and I also changed the blog platform a few times but it's been quite while I have and stuck with blogger.

Since the start, I have many up and down in writing posts, some years I wrote only one post some years I had few posts but something I am certain is that I was…