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Ego is the enemy

I just finished listening to a book called "Ego Is The Enemy" by Ryan Holiday, such a fantastic book. I can relate to many stories he talked about it even I had similar cases in my personal life. That is the power of a book to wake you up and teach you something you didn't know before or you were not aware of it.

Many years ago (around 2011) when social networking websites/apps were quite new and not everyone knew about it, I went to visit my cousin in another town and this time he had a new roommate, for sake of identity, let's call him Ryan.

I sat in the living room while waiting for my cousin to bring me some tea from the kitchen, Ryan entered the room.

Me: Hi, I'm Mehdi.
Ryan: Hi Mehdi, I'm Ryan, nice to meet you.

We continued typical greeting conversations then while we were talking he seems paid less attention to our conversation. since this is considered to be odd to talk to someone while you play with your handset/phone, I asked him:

Me: Are you OK?