The best way to predict the future is to create it

I am sure everyone knows the comfort of being on autopilot, less decision to make, apparently it's more reliable and with less potential mistakes as someone else tested and worked for them therefore it should be safe. but it is true?

But life is not that simple, although the easy way(for now) is to avoid thinking about it. To me at this points of the time (this may not be true in the future) life is a book which you need to write it so you write as you wish. You can write a sad story and make the main character a victim or write a happy story be a strong characters.

The best way to predict the future is to create it
Abraham Lincoln or Peter Drucker or Alan Kay (don't matter who said it)

In summer 2016 I had an interview with a startup so few days before the interview date I was preparing myself for the interview and I came across this quote and made a note of it. When I entered the interview room, obviously I looked around the room and as my surprise I saw this frame hanging on the wall (it said it's from Alan Kay). I got the job but I did not stay there for long.

The point of story is, we sometime need to turn the autopilot off and drive/fly to adventurous places and times.

From my experience,  every time I "go with the flow" I felt I wasted my time, I regret the time being on autopilot however anytime I fully took charge of my life, I felt amazing although usually it's not easy but definitely worth it.

This is my first post after quite long time, so I'll keep it short.

So, how do you want to write your book/life?


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