Why Prestashop needs improvement for large application?

I have worked with Prestashop 1.6 long enough to know inside/outside of the application and even I developed few modules myself, all is simple and great but in small scale. My application is big, I am talking about millions rows in database. Two databases weight almost 18G (see the picture).

One day at 2AM I received a notification that my website/application is down. I looked at the server the application seems OK but the databases gone crazy big, (see the picture) it has gone from 18G to over 90G less than 6 hours. 

Since there was almost none free space left on the server, all server running really slow even I could not restart NGINX. All was frozen. All my websites/applications run on dedicated server on UKFast, so none of websites would work because all is glued together. 

There are many issues here, e.g. the server infrastructure is wrong (I know that already), there should be monitoring service in place which there was no such thing (I know that too) etc. but why this happened, what went wrong? Prestashop, Prestashop!

I managed to bring the website up and run after few hours of hard work and I found what went wrong, without going into details I can say "Prestashop failed because of poor written code". Here is the lines of code which caused the issue.
I guess the developer knew that may cause issue for someone, hint: the comment 
And if the new cart rule has restrictions, previously unrestricted cart rules may now be restricted (a mug of coffee is strongly advised to understand this sentence).

Still I am running Prestashop but every day I need close eye on it. The good news is that the new version of Prestashop (version 1.7) uses Symfony framework and hopefully it improves the Prestashop functionalities.


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