Why do people blog?

It's been long time since my last post in this blog, although I never stop reading other people blogs. I prefer reading blog rather than some other (sound) professional websites or news papers.

I believe "whatever comes out of heart will enter the heart".

In general people talk about the world from their point of view while blogging. I remember back days, I knew many people who used to keep diary but these days rarely they do. So I guess people do blog because still they want to have some sort of diary however with some changes such as not to talk about private and sensitive subjects.

If you are on YouTube you may find that in recent year the number of people who vlog on Youtube grew quit fast and it's because people can vlog easily and also they could make money out of what they like to do. Obviously there are some who tried blogging base on making money which most of them failed (it's only my opinion).

So, here is my post after while and I try to blog here more often.


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