(P vs NP) vs E=MC2. A computer science concept vs a physics concept

P vs NPI guess whoever read this post heard about E=MC2 (Mass–energy equivalence). Many people don’t know what does that mean however it has become simple of knowledge. E=MC2 is a physics thing, we have something better and more valuable in computer science, which called P=NP? (P vs NP).

I personally believe that concept of P=NP? is more important than concept of E=MC2, but what made people to think this way is only media . Probably it is easy to understand the E=MC2 compare to P=NP?, or maybe the physician (who talked to aliens) made it clear for people.
The question I asked myself “why many people never heard about P=NP? ?”, unfortunately even some people who are in the field of computer science don’t know about this concept.
My dissertation in university was “scheduling problem” which is a NP-Complete problem, so I spent one year studying these concepts/problems. In future I shall write more about P vs NP here and explain why it is important. For now watch few videos about P and NP problem.

As usual, I welcome any suggestions, questions or comments.


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