How to make three divs with the same height and width? HTML

My brother asked me how he could make three divs with the same height, as I was busy, “search on google” I replied. He insisted that he cannot find on search, so I stop what I was doing and searched on google to give him the link.
Make dynamic divs which are depend on each other properties (live version
Although I did not spend too long on searching, I could not find any solution, so I tried myself and create one myself. Here is the solution using JavaScript. You can copy and paste code from here and also you may want to download html file.

// version of above code with extra feature

If you clearly understand this code, you easily realise how the pinterest layout ( ) works. As well as the facebook timeline.

As I always believe; for any problem, there could be many solutions, so do with this problem, you could easily use jQuery instead of raw JavaScript code.

Happy to hear from you if you have any questions.


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