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Lorem Ipsum generator extension for google chrome

You don’t stop learning when you pass your exam (or graduated); that’s when you really start to build up your skills. I strongly believe in this and always try to build up my skills in many areas of technology such as web development.
On one occasion I was programming, I had to test my code especially testing SQL data; I needed some texts to test my system. I searched on internet and found some websites which generate random text however; they were not convenience to use. I decided to write a program to do such but that time I had other commitments which were in more priority therefore I made a note that I shall make one when I got time. Finally I found the time for it and here is my google chrome extension for generating random text (Lorem Ipsum).
 It is very simple and easy to use. Actually this is my second google extension for chrome. My first chrome extension is a currency converter.  
I have some other programs to write which I made note of them while I was studying in universi…

Believe in teamwork

Sometimes a picture can easily illustrate a concept. We have been taught in school that teamwork is important but how important; usually this has not been clarified appropriately. As I have always been interested in education when I see a teenager from family or friends, I usually ask them some questions to understand what they think. One the question is about teamwork. Do you believe in teamwork? Do you know what is the advantage or disadvantage of teamwork? Do you think that your teachers encourage you toward team work? etc. Nevertheless, I don’t ask these questions directly.
 I noticed, even in university there are some students who have negative view toward teamwork. “Students tend to work together in the individual assignment and work individually in the group assignment”. This is not always true however; unfortunately in many cases it is true.
By observing individuals, the first thing that I notice is what they believe in the first place. “In individual work you are responsibl…