How can I see my wireless network password on PC/laptop?

Many visitors of my website have asked me “how can I see my saved wireless network password on my PC/laptop?” I am sure many of you who have laptop, used some wireless networks elsewhere e.g. a friend house. A case: I set up wireless password for my router a while ago, now I forgot the password, how can I see/recover the password (Please do not tell me to reset the router because I already know). Let’s see how; I am assuming that you know how to go “Control Panel” on Windows7, from there go to “Network and Internet” (follow steps below) View network status and tasks 
Manage wireless networks 

Now you see history of all wireless networks which you connected before, “right click” on the network you want to know the password, then choose “Properties” 
Now tick “Show characters

Here is the password
This is for windows7, if you have any questions regarding this post or you have similar queries, just drop me a message.


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