Unforgettable memories

I want to write about prolog. When we started to learn prolog in the beginning of term I asked my tutor, “what is the point of learning prolog?” before, I never heard about prolog, I guess you the reader may have no idea what is prolog, I can say that although it may look useless but indeed it is very useful and interesting. Those days, we have Computing Science assignment which prolog is most important part of it. After doing the hardest part of the assignment, I spent 3 days, just for writing 5 lines of code, I asked different people for hint, I searched a lot, even I watched 60 minutes a video of prolog tutorial but still none of them helped me. In the fourth day I didn’t attempt to write any code, I was thinking to may just leave it, but I decided to have a day rest and start from beginning and think clear also use imagination. Finally I found the answer; it was one of the unforgettable moments in my student life. If you have any questions about prolog you may send me an email, I will reply as soon as I can.


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