Spare time projects; a game in JavaScript

Recently I made some small and medium projects which almost all of them have been done in my spare time. For example in base converter case;  I finished my maths assignment few weeks before the deadline and got bored, and then I decided to write an algorithm which could do what I did by hand for base converting. Basically my classmates could check their answer with this algorithm which l coded with PHP and Java. The PHP version is online here. There are some base converters programing online however, most of them do not work with decimal number such as 102.3 from base 10 to base 5 (This was exactly a question in the assignment).

Few days ago, my broadband internet connection lost so I really get bored, as above I should do something. If there was internet connection, I probably watch cat video on YouTube (just kidding, however I do sometimes) or reading blogs and interacting with other people, nevertheless there is no internet. So I could play a computer game, wait! why not make a computer game? There you go. 
There was a game which I used to play when I was very young, so I decided to make the computer version of that game. There are 9 boxes and each box has number from 1 to 8 and there is an empty so the task is: you should sort them.  The rule is that you can only move the number which is next to empty box. 

I coded this game with JavaScript (HTML and CSS). By doing this small project, firstly I filled my spare time with something which I really like to do, secondly; I illustrated my JavaScript skills as well as being creative.  There are many functions which I could add to this game, for example “track user activity” and “save user point, time taken”. To do this, I could use PHP and MySQL which is easy for me to do such, unfortunately internet back and I return to watch YouTube video but this time, not cat, similar to cat one.  

Below are some of my recent work (full list on my website

Facebook app(MehdiX) 
Currency Converter 
Google guitar 
Dynamic Catalogue 
PHP quiz 
Base Converter 
SHA-1 generator 
MD5 generator


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