Educate yourself to work intelligently

"Ask me my three main priorities for government and I tell you education, education, and education."  
Tony Blair  (source)

Regardless of whether we like him or not, he pointed at a very important and fundamental concept. What would make a great change in our life and future of human is education, as Sal Khan said, not president Kardashian (source).
After being student for over 20 years, when I look back and observe my student life and experience, I would say that usually in the current system,  going to school is more “getting better grade” oriented rather than “better understating a subject”. I say this base on my experiences and my observation from the environment where I live. I studied in different countries and have experience of attending in high quality school; all of these gave me an enhanced understanding the concept of education worldwide.

Everyone demand “power” (at least what I believe) and “knowledge is power”, so to gain power one must educate himself/herself. Therefore, to make change in the world or at least in personal life, we need power and power comes through education, it’s regardless of how you may use your power, positive toward human or negative. 

Just to clarify that conversation here is about pure education which may or may not gain through institution. There are some people who paid hell amount of money and graduated from top university and knows nothing while there exist some people who never been to school and made big differences in our lives. The problem with these days education in our system is the first group who seem to be graduated and educated. They will hold important position and subsequently corruption and lost occur, for example economy will collapse. They will teach next generation of student and you should guess what would be the result.
We are actually witnessing the result of such incident, they force student to try for getting better grade rather than better understating. I and probably you had classmates who gained better mark while we knew that they do not deserve that however based on current system it is fair and even worse they will be employed before anyone else (good luck! with such company).
You may ask, OK! You are right, what is your suggestion? I would say, we should have a deep review in our education system and try to build a system which is fair to everyone. I know this is a controversial subject but let’s talk about it and find a solution. Please let me know what you think. 

Both pictures taken from internet, I could not find the original source as there are many sources. 


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