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Online Base Converter

In my spare time I usually do programming and write algorithms, basically after a long working day when I want to relax I enjoy writing algorithms. For example today I was bored, so I wrote codes for base conversion; actually this is very similar to one of my Maths assignment question in university. It may not perfect but I made it within a few hours using PHP. I never used any third party codes because whatever you see in this website, it is for my educational purpose only. Please comment it here if you have any queries, the algorithms is available on request

Online Base Converter

PHP Online quiz fail

We had a php test last week and as I am quite good at PHP so I didn’t revise for this test, a few minute before test start, one of my classmates asked me a php question: What can you use to replace like with hate in I like Eminem? I answered preg_replace("/like/", "hate", "I like Eminem") He showed me this website and said you are wrong, I couldn’t believe that I am wrong. Anyway test started surprise! This was one of the questions and I answered the way this website told which later when I checked, it was wrong. I became upset because I didn’t trust my knowledge, if I never knew the answer I wouldn’t be upset because I didn’t have the knowledge. Hope they fix this mistake soon. I made a php quiz online, please report any error you may find.