BlueJ or eclipse?

One of the first question I asked myself when I wanted to learn Java, shall I start with BlueJ or eclipse? in our university( computer relate courses) it is compulsory to learn BlueJ because for first year and first assessment (term one) we should do BlueJ exercises. 

BlueJ or eclipse? this question was for last year when I didn't know about Java, I didn't know about BlueJ and eclipse either, now I can answer this question according to my experience using both softwares and environment. 

For start to learn Java, BlueJ is best way of learning, it made very easy to understand the concept of  object oriented language. When you learned what is Class, Object, attribute, method, ... , variable and initialise these variable, after all you should leave BlueJ environment and move to eclipse. 
I personally used BlueJ for just two month, after I used eclipse which was easy for me to make a class or object because I already learned in BlueJ. Later I never used BlueJ, but if I come back to my question I would say that start with BlueJ.   


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