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Most disliked video on youtube

Probably everyone knows what is the most viewed video on youtube, how about most dislike? I checked and I think (hope it is not wrong) The most watched video so far is the most dislike video on youtube. see pictures below; 

Justine Bieber :

 now see Lady Gaga :
how about "Charlie bit my finger" : 
I personally like Charlie bit my finger, I watched again again. ..... still I watch.  probably the most disliked video on youtube by ignoring other feature is Justine bieber - baby. What do you think?

BlueJ or eclipse?

One of the first question I asked myself when I wanted to learn Java, shall I start withBlueJ or eclipse? in our university( computer relate courses) it is compulsory to learn BlueJ because for first year and first assessment (term one) we should do BlueJ exercises. 
BlueJ or eclipse? this question was for last year when I didn't know about Java, I didn't know about BlueJ and eclipse either, now I can answer this question according to my experience using both softwares and environment. 
For start to learn Java, BlueJ is best way of learning, it made very easy to understand the concept of  object oriented language. When you learned what is Class, Object, attribute, method, ... , variable and initialise these variable, after all you should leave BlueJ environment and move to eclipse.  I personally used BlueJ for just two month, after I used eclipse which was easy for me to make a class or object because I already learned in BlueJ. Later I never used BlueJ, but if I come back to my …

Windows 7 and it's speed

I remember last year when Windows 7 came to market, the day after I upgrade my laptop (which had Windows Visa) to windows 7. I used to prefer working with XP rather than Visa but when I first used W7,since then I never think about Visa and XP either. This photo, I took when I just upgrade my laptop, that time I realized the difference between Visa, XP and 7. I was copying 10GB films which took a few minuets but if it was Visa could be couple hours.
click on the photo to see actual size W7 speed in incredible, I think it is the best operating system from Microsoft. The other feature is that it recognizes most of drivers; sound, graphics and ... which XP won't.

Gmail Improves "Undo Send"

My favourite mail system is Yahoo, I have more than 20 folders and every day I check my Yahoo mail at least twice. Because it been long time I used Yahoo, still I prefer Yahoo, but I like Gmail too. One day I sent very important email on yahoo, as soon as I clicked send, I remember that I did not write anything for subject, sh..t, f..k. I became very angry. In Gmail, it is possible to undo sent mail, recently they improved so you can change setting and undo sent mail up to 30 seconds. read more here

Yahoo logo sound, did you notice?

Have you seen yahoo's logo? do you know that there is a sound in the logo? well, try yourself; go to and click on the exclamation mark (!) in the logo as shown below;
You should hear "yahoOoOoOo hahaha"