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Top 10 most expensive domain names

There are million domain names online. Every day people buy and sell domain but have you ever thought about the most expensive of them? I searched to find out about them. The list in the different sources are not the same it is controversial but still are very close. lets have a look at which I think it is more accurate : Top 5 most expensive domain names

Now have a look at other sources: source: - $12 million - $9.5 million - $7.5 million - $7.5 million - $7 million
source: So, be honest, how many of these did you visit this week or even this month? maybe you never heard about them. leave a comment and see how others think.

The power of communication

Facebook is the second most popular website in the world, no doubt (by Nowadays politician want to take advantage of this communication, it is good idea though, but don't forget that people on facebook mostly are ordinary, they don't make money by writing on their profile or uploading photos, so almost certainly what ever is there is true, do you agree with me? it is not kind of news agency which try to brain wash people and writer get paid (no offence to journalist).
Let's see what number10 Down street is doing...

The Prime Minister held a web conference with Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg. The two discussed how Facebook can support the Treasury's Spending Challenge by providing a dedicated space for Facebook users to come up with ideas on how to make savings in public spending.
David William Donald Cameron the PM is so excited ... isn't he?

ECDL lesson fail - Shirt key

As you see, it is ECDL (European Computer Driving License ) module 4 (Excel). But does "Shirt key" really make any sense. holding shirt itself up or down, makes more sense, I suppose.
see the yellow part.

Pranav Mistry: The thrilling potential of SixthSense technology

If you are interested in technology I recommend you to watch this video.

When he said: it will be open source , I shocked, He could make a fortune by selling this, but remember that real scientists never use their brain to make money if they do so, must call them business man rather than scientist.