The impact of programming in my life

Currently I am learning advanced programming language Java. I really enjoy coding, I never get tired of sitting behind the desk for hours and writing code.
There are a lot of people who play computer's game for long hours but I hate most of computer games, those people become excited by completing a mission, me too but in different ways. I will be excited when I find the solution for an error.

The impact of programming in my life is not just becoming excited because there is an easy way to become exited(if you know what I mean -smile-)actually the way of my thinking has changed. Nowadays I absolutely feel the difference between before an now in way of dealing with an issue, now I think more clear than I used to do.
For the next post I am going to talk about the project which is undertaken.


  1. p.s. its not advanced programming (Laurynas)

  2. lol, you're right. But I am not doing just what we been told in uni, actually I already extended my programming outside university.I am not satisfied with basic program any more dude.


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