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Happy Nowruz

Persian new year(Nowruz) will start today at 17:35 and now I am going to write my resolution for new year. One of the reason that I am writing this post is because I am going to write a Java program to convert Persian Calendar to other calendars such as current Calendar which we use today in Britain. It would be the basic program but later I will add more function to it for example reminding date of birth and event which the program will send notification to the user and so on. This is one of my resolution for this year. If you want to know more about calendar see Calendar and Iranian Calendar. Just for more information: On Nowruz holiday people buy live fish and keep them in the aquarium also they do not turn off one light in the house usually living room.


The impact of programming in my life

Currently I am learning advanced programming language Java. I really enjoy coding, I never get tired of sitting behind the desk for hours and writing code.
There are a lot of people who play computer's game for long hours but I hate most of computer games, those people become excited by completing a mission, me too but in different ways. I will be excited when I find the solution for an error.
The impact of programming in my life is not just becoming excited because there is an easy way to become exited(if you know what I mean -smile-)actually the way of my thinking has changed. Nowadays I absolutely feel the difference between before an now in way of dealing with an issue, now I think more clear than I used to do.
For the next post I am going to talk about the project which is undertaken.

educational sanction, is it fair?

Occasionally I see some thing one the Internet which I can not believe it, although I try to convince myself but it is not possible. For example:
User Agreement/Terms of Service:

I am not a citizen, national or resident of, and am not under the control of, the government of: Cuba, Iran, Sudan, Iraq, Libya, North Korea, Syria, nor any other country to which the United States has prohibited export
You can read more from here, or see screen shot below,

I believe that the world of today should just atleast be more willing to interact and learn from each other’s diffrences in additon to being borderless and tolerant of other lifeline. Unfortunately we are witness of discrimination, from my view science has no border, it is not matter who you are and where are you come from, t

Java online tutor(bucky) and his idiot roomates

Recently I am watching a channel in youtube which is absolutely amazing. The channel is thenewboston and his name is bucky(his real name is Greg Robert), he teaches computer related software and also makes some other interesting videos. I watch his Java tutorial, it is recommended for anybody who is interested in programming . He is a cool geek with idiot roomates, check this video:

I wonder that who pay to this guy for making all those great videos(almost all comments on his videos are compliment).