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Unforgettable memories

I want to write about prolog. When we started to learn prolog in the beginning of term I asked my tutor, “what is the point of learning prolog?” before, I never heard about prolog, I guess you the reader may have no idea what is prolog, I can say that although it may look useless but indeed it is very useful and interesting. Those days, we have Computing Science assignment which prolog is most important part of it. After doing the hardest part of the assignment, I spent 3 days, just for writing 5 lines of code, I asked different people for hint, I searched a lot, even I watched 60 minutes a video of prolog tutorial but still none of them helped me. In the fourth day I didn’t attempt to write any code, I was thinking to may just leave it, but I decided to have a day rest and start from beginning and think clear also use imagination. Finally I found the answer; it was one of the unforgettable moments in my student life. If you have any questions about prolog you may send me an emai…

Find a job you love, you'll never work a day in your life

On Friday (5th Nov), I wanted to install Zend server on my local host, so I had to remove AppServ which I used to work with it before (what is Zend and AppServ ?). After removing AppServ, I tried to install Zend server but it gave me some weird errors, once I could see localhost and index but MySQL didn’t work, once showed that port is busy once even I couldn’t see localhost. I spent all Friday night to fix it but when fixed it was too slow, with the experience I had with zend I knew it will be slower than AppServ but my reason for changing from AppServ to zend was just to try a different  environment and I also was interested in zend framework. I could not stand zend, it was very slow, so I remove it and I tried to reinstall AppServ but it refused, the error was; while installing MySQL, it freeze, I tried many times and also different version but still exactly same error, after uninstalling and installing these software for php environment I fall sleep, after having 4 hour sleep, I…

Duplicate entry 127 for key 1

Last night I was coding, I got this error "#1062 - Duplicate entry '127' for key 1 ". (I was writing PHP code and MySQL). Basically I couldn't add any entry to the table in the database, after 2 hours checking line by line the code which I have written, still same error. I sat back and tried to calm down because I was panic, I left the code and concentrated on the error message, "Duplicate", "entry", "127", "key 1". I knew the word in the error message except "127", what is for? Why is here? In the table in the database, the primary key 1 was TINYINT. As soon as I searched in Google, I found that a TINYINT filed can take up to 128 values which in this case already been taken, so the capacity is full. Easily I figure out that the primary key 1 should change to INT, and that’s worked. I wish someone was here to see my face while I was trying to solve this issue and after been solved.


There is only one good, knowledge, and one evil, ignorance Socrates.(469 BC - 399 BC)
The beautiful thing about learning is nobody can take it away from you. B.B.King(1997)
The beginning of knowledge is the discovery of something we do not understand. Frank Herbert (1920 - 1986)
knowldge is power Francis Bacon(1592)>
A man who knows how little he knows is well, a man who knows how much he knows is sick. Witter Bynner(1944)
Integrity without knowledge is weak and useless, and knowledge without integrity is dangerous and dreadful. Samuel Johnson
A little learning is a dangerous thing Alexander Pope

How to prevent automatic submission by spammers?

I guess all who read this post, probably seen spam email or if you have blog, you’ve seen a lot of spam comment on your posts. Spam are not something new, nowadays they are becoming a bigger problem for the Internet. Popular websites, like YouTube, Wordpress, blogger which users can comment are protected by advanced spam blocker, but how about a small website like mine. As I wrote the code for my blog myself, I didn't include any third party codes even for validation or preventing from spam, So I used to receive a lot of spam comments which were so annoying, I had to stop them but how? bear in mind that because first of all, my website is for my educational purpose so I must not copy from elsewhere code for my website, also I wanted to use unique way of doing this, well! It is all about. I came up with an idea which you can see in the photo. Basically I made a disabled text area (user can not click or copy) which has random digit, user should enter that random code in the box …

Math math math

I love math, I remember, back in high school usually I had highest grade in math in the class at the same time lowest grade in geography and history.let's read this article.
A boy of 15 who has never been to school has become the youngest student for more than 200 years to win a place at Cambridge University. Arran Fernandez, who was educated at home by his father, Neil, will start a mathematics degree at Fitzwilliam College next month. It will make him the youngest Cambridge student since 14-year-old William Pitt the Younger studied there in 1773. Last night the child prodigy said: ‘I am looking forward to going to the lectures. ‘I have already started the first-year books and it is all right, not too difficult. ‘I am excited about going to Cambridge but I am used to making records about being the youngest in education.’
On a roll... Arran became the youngest person to get an A in maths GSCE at seven years old 'It isn't the youngest bit that is so important to me - I'm more …

Most disliked video on youtube

Probably everyone knows what is the most viewed video on youtube, how about most dislike? I checked and I think (hope it is not wrong) The most watched video so far is the most dislike video on youtube. see pictures below; 

Justine Bieber :

 now see Lady Gaga :
how about "Charlie bit my finger" : 
I personally like Charlie bit my finger, I watched again again. ..... still I watch.  probably the most disliked video on youtube by ignoring other feature is Justine bieber - baby. What do you think?

BlueJ or eclipse?

One of the first question I asked myself when I wanted to learn Java, shall I start withBlueJ or eclipse? in our university( computer relate courses) it is compulsory to learn BlueJ because for first year and first assessment (term one) we should do BlueJ exercises. 
BlueJ or eclipse? this question was for last year when I didn't know about Java, I didn't know about BlueJ and eclipse either, now I can answer this question according to my experience using both softwares and environment. 
For start to learn Java, BlueJ is best way of learning, it made very easy to understand the concept of  object oriented language. When you learned what is Class, Object, attribute, method, ... , variable and initialise these variable, after all you should leave BlueJ environment and move to eclipse.  I personally used BlueJ for just two month, after I used eclipse which was easy for me to make a class or object because I already learned in BlueJ. Later I never used BlueJ, but if I come back to my …

Windows 7 and it's speed

I remember last year when Windows 7 came to market, the day after I upgrade my laptop (which had Windows Visa) to windows 7. I used to prefer working with XP rather than Visa but when I first used W7,since then I never think about Visa and XP either. This photo, I took when I just upgrade my laptop, that time I realized the difference between Visa, XP and 7. I was copying 10GB films which took a few minuets but if it was Visa could be couple hours.
click on the photo to see actual size W7 speed in incredible, I think it is the best operating system from Microsoft. The other feature is that it recognizes most of drivers; sound, graphics and ... which XP won't.

Gmail Improves "Undo Send"

My favourite mail system is Yahoo, I have more than 20 folders and every day I check my Yahoo mail at least twice. Because it been long time I used Yahoo, still I prefer Yahoo, but I like Gmail too. One day I sent very important email on yahoo, as soon as I clicked send, I remember that I did not write anything for subject, sh..t, f..k. I became very angry. In Gmail, it is possible to undo sent mail, recently they improved so you can change setting and undo sent mail up to 30 seconds. read more here

Yahoo logo sound, did you notice?

Have you seen yahoo's logo? do you know that there is a sound in the logo? well, try yourself; go to and click on the exclamation mark (!) in the logo as shown below;
You should hear "yahoOoOoOo hahaha"

Top 10 most expensive domain names

There are million domain names online. Every day people buy and sell domain but have you ever thought about the most expensive of them? I searched to find out about them. The list in the different sources are not the same it is controversial but still are very close. lets have a look at which I think it is more accurate : Top 5 most expensive domain names

Now have a look at other sources: source: - $12 million - $9.5 million - $7.5 million - $7.5 million - $7 million
source: So, be honest, how many of these did you visit this week or even this month? maybe you never heard about them. leave a comment and see how others think.

The power of communication

Facebook is the second most popular website in the world, no doubt (by Nowadays politician want to take advantage of this communication, it is good idea though, but don't forget that people on facebook mostly are ordinary, they don't make money by writing on their profile or uploading photos, so almost certainly what ever is there is true, do you agree with me? it is not kind of news agency which try to brain wash people and writer get paid (no offence to journalist).
Let's see what number10 Down street is doing...

The Prime Minister held a web conference with Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg. The two discussed how Facebook can support the Treasury's Spending Challenge by providing a dedicated space for Facebook users to come up with ideas on how to make savings in public spending.
David William Donald Cameron the PM is so excited ... isn't he?

ECDL lesson fail - Shirt key

As you see, it is ECDL (European Computer Driving License ) module 4 (Excel). But does "Shirt key" really make any sense. holding shirt itself up or down, makes more sense, I suppose.
see the yellow part.

Pranav Mistry: The thrilling potential of SixthSense technology

If you are interested in technology I recommend you to watch this video.

When he said: it will be open source , I shocked, He could make a fortune by selling this, but remember that real scientists never use their brain to make money if they do so, must call them business man rather than scientist.

Google Pirate ?

Anybody understand the pirate language? google is a pirate too!

Programmer guy

I see programmer as picture below
To all programmer. -=>

I think this way

It is about 20 pictures in on picture, I made it last two years ago.

Yahoo meme

Did you know about ?It is a very simple site which

Happy Nowruz

Persian new year(Nowruz) will start today at 17:35 and now I am going to write my resolution for new year. One of the reason that I am writing this post is because I am going to write a Java program to convert Persian Calendar to other calendars such as current Calendar which we use today in Britain. It would be the basic program but later I will add more function to it for example reminding date of birth and event which the program will send notification to the user and so on. This is one of my resolution for this year. If you want to know more about calendar see Calendar and Iranian Calendar. Just for more information: On Nowruz holiday people buy live fish and keep them in the aquarium also they do not turn off one light in the house usually living room.


The impact of programming in my life

Currently I am learning advanced programming language Java. I really enjoy coding, I never get tired of sitting behind the desk for hours and writing code.
There are a lot of people who play computer's game for long hours but I hate most of computer games, those people become excited by completing a mission, me too but in different ways. I will be excited when I find the solution for an error.
The impact of programming in my life is not just becoming excited because there is an easy way to become exited(if you know what I mean -smile-)actually the way of my thinking has changed. Nowadays I absolutely feel the difference between before an now in way of dealing with an issue, now I think more clear than I used to do.
For the next post I am going to talk about the project which is undertaken.

educational sanction, is it fair?

Occasionally I see some thing one the Internet which I can not believe it, although I try to convince myself but it is not possible. For example:
User Agreement/Terms of Service:

I am not a citizen, national or resident of, and am not under the control of, the government of: Cuba, Iran, Sudan, Iraq, Libya, North Korea, Syria, nor any other country to which the United States has prohibited export
You can read more from here, or see screen shot below,

I believe that the world of today should just atleast be more willing to interact and learn from each other’s diffrences in additon to being borderless and tolerant of other lifeline. Unfortunately we are witness of discrimination, from my view science has no border, it is not matter who you are and where are you come from, t

Java online tutor(bucky) and his idiot roomates

Recently I am watching a channel in youtube which is absolutely amazing. The channel is thenewboston and his name is bucky(his real name is Greg Robert), he teaches computer related software and also makes some other interesting videos. I watch his Java tutorial, it is recommended for anybody who is interested in programming . He is a cool geek with idiot roomates, check this video:

I wonder that who pay to this guy for making all those great videos(almost all comments on his videos are compliment).

Fun with Microsoft Excel

Some times I receive a very entertaining email, I try to post them here and share with everybody, here is one of them;1- download this file(excel) 2- open it 3- Select all (ctrl+A) 4- Go to format, row, height & insert 15.33 5- Go to format, column, width & insert 2.4

==> what did you see? share with other!

A question for the Super genius

The smart one who solves the Quiz will write his/her name in the attached file.The answer is the password to open the file attached. Be honest! don't ignore it.
Click here to download this file, remember! the password is the answer of this puzzle. Any question? comment me.

Top 10 Sites in the United Kingdom

The most popular sites in the UK Do you expected this result?

1-Google UK The local version of this pre-eminent search engine, offering UK-specific pages as well as world results.
2-Facebook A social utility that connects people, to keep up with friends, upload photos, share links and videos.
3-Google Enables users to search the Web, Usenet, and images. Features include PageRank, caching and translation of results, and an option to find similar pages. The company's focus is developing search technology.
4-YouTube - Broadcast yourself
YouTube is a way to get your videos to the people who matter to y... Moreou. Upload, tag and share your videos worldwide!

5-BBC Newsline Ticker Headline ticker will automatically update throughout the day with the latest news, sport, travel, finance and weather from the BBC. Available for multiple OS platforms.
6-Yahoo! Personalized content and search options. Chatrooms, free e-mail, clubs, and …

Undo sent email in Gmail

You can undo the email you just sent it if they did not read that mail. For enable this service ; In the GMail page, in the right-top, click on settings in the tab menu (which the first tab is General and the last one is Themes) click on Labs (2 tabs before the last tab)

Scroll dawn until you find Undo Send bye Yuzo F, enable it and save it..

now when you send an email, there is an option which you can undo the sent email.

Sending has been undone. Any problems, just contact me

A Microsoft office secret

Do you know about " =rand (100, 99) " in Microsoft office? Lets try it. Open a blank Microsoft word document and just type =rand(100,99) and press enter, wait.

You should able to see around 300 pages as shown above.Note: You can write =rand(100,100), it does work with some other numbers.Try some small numbers ( =rand(1,1) ).It should work with all version of Microsoft word.
Why? It is all about Microsoft word coding and macro, I shall explain it later.